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Our Atlanta Chiropractic services are conveniently located throughout the city, in Chamblee, Atlanta, Acworth, and Duluth. Our professional staff at Atlanta Chiropractic & Atlanta Back Pain are dedicated to relieving your pain and improving your overall health and wellness through chiropractic care and massage therapy.  Please look at our video testimonials about your Atlanta Chiropractor. If you have a any questions, please check out our video FAQ page.  

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Atlanta Chiropractor Dr. Adam Rechtman

Atlanta Chiropractor Dr. Rechtman specializes in sports chiropractic, as well as treating patients with chronic headaches and back pain. If you are experiencing chronic neck, shoulder, middle back, lower back, knee pain or other problems, let us see if our Atlanta Chiropractor, Dr. Rechtman, can help you!

Dr. Rechtman has been an Atlanta Chiropractor since 1996.







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