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Testimonials to the Success of Treatment with Atlanta Chiropractic

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In this video testimonial, Tiffany tells us about her experience with Chiropractic care at our offices ...

In this video, Deborah tells us how Dr. Rechtman helped her to overcome extreme pain.

In this video, Jim tells us how Dr. Rechtman and his staff have provided a regimen of therapy and exercise that has him "feeling great."

Derek talks aout his expeience with Atlanta Chiropractor, Dr. Adam Rechtman

Chris discusses his lower back and neck pain relief at Atlanta Chiropractic

Jeremy discusses his sports injury rehabilitation World Wide Wellness

Sabrina talks about her lower back relief at Atlanta Chiropractic

Dain talks about his shoulder and lower back injuries treated by Dr. Adam Rechtman

Elizabeth discusses how chiropractic care, helped her sleep better

Joe discusses how chiropractic care "keeps the pain away."

Tony talks about how Dr. Rechtman helps with neck pain.

Lee tells her story of how she went from a pain of  9 down to 0

Lenora thanks Dr. Rechtman for helping her avoid surgery

Bob talks about his radiating pain down his leg and how Dr. Rechtman helped

Brian talks about his shoulder injury and how Dr. Rechtman restored it

The pain was so bad, Bridgette couldn't sleep.  Thanks to Dr. R she is now pain free

Wayne couldn't sit because the pain was so bad.  Then Dr. Rechtman helped!

Thom was in pain all over, until he started seeing Dr. Adam Rechtman

Watch Tim discuss how Dr. Rechtman helped his separated shoulder

Cassie no longer has any upper back pain

Stan feels great and has great confidence in Dr.Rechtman

Rustom highly recommends Dr. Rechtman

For years, I suffered from neck and back pain. Sometimes it caused headaches and additional stress. A couple of months ago a dear friend told me how tired and old I looked because of the stress I was experiencing. That did it for me! I decided to take advantage of Dr. Rechtman's services at World Wide Wellness. After only a few adjustments, I feel great and continue to feel better! If I had been able to relax as Dr. Rechtman kept telling me, the effects of his therapy might have taken hold sooner. Now I look forward to my sessions and the relaxing moments.

Barbara, Atlanta GA

I had visited many chiropractors before, but never received anything other than temporary relief. Upon meeting and then being treated on a regular basis by Dr. Rechtman, my back pain and the accompanying stiffness have been significantly reduced.

Brett 48, Atlanta GA

I first saw Dr. Rechtman around 4 years ago. As you get older, your memory and back start to fail at about the same time. The excruciating pain I had made my quality of life terrible. Now I see Dr. Rechtman once or twice a week and I am completely comfortable. For years now, Dr. Rechtman has been my trusted healthcare provider and my friend. He lets me continue to do what I do while simultaneously navigating the treacherous water of the health care insurance industry. He and his friendly professional staff cheerfully and constantly assure me a pain free workday. I owe him many thanks and I highly recommend him. Dr. Rechtman has been a lifesaver.

Charles 45, AtlantaGA

I was not a fan of chiropractors and felt they did more harm than good. However, I decided to take advantage of the free appointment I was given when I joined the gym. At that time, I was experiencing pain in my wrist, elbow and shoulder. After several visits, my movement had increase and pain had decreased. I could open jars and lift my arm above my head without any pain. I am now convinced of the benefits of having a chiropractor. World Wide Wellness has given me a pain free body and I am very pleased with the results. I recommend seeing Dr. Rechtman to everyone, especially those who are skeptics!

Debbie 48, LawrencevilleGA

I saw Dr. Rechtman at the suggestion of my trainer. I had stiffness and pain in my lower back but did not really think it was anything except inactivity. However, an x-ray revealed degenerating disk disease of my lower back- more serious that I thought. Dr. Rechtman began treatments and worked with my trainer to map a training program to strengthen and enhance my back. I feel less pain and discomfort in my lower back- it's working. Last week I began having numbness in my neck. Now a week later and the numbness is already gone. I am feeling better than I have in years and have more energy. Thanks Doc!

Deborah 57, Atlanta GA

I injured my lower back playing volleyball one summer and the injury slowed me down significantly. A few months passed with no change, I still walked like an old man.  I decided to see Dr. Rechtman with hopes that he could make me feel better. After about six visits, I could see big changes in the way I moved. The pain in my lower back was gone and I was able to get back on the volleyball court. He also explained that playing a physical sport like volleyball, could continue to put pressure on my spine. Rather than give up my hobby, I decided to get regular adjustments to keep my spine and my game in line.

Greg 37, Atlanta GA

After 9 months of chronic daily headaches, 3 neurologists, 1 ENT doctor and 4 MRIs I decided to try a chiropractor to figure out why I was having headaches and finally find some relief. After only one visit, I felt 100 times better then when I walked in the door. I was amazed how quickly I had relief from something no one could help me with for 9 months. I now am able to lead my life headache free without daily medication and feel fabulous all thanks to my chiropractor.

Heather, Atlanta GA

I could go on and on about all the great things at World Wide Wellness. However, the most important thing to me is that, Dr. Rechtman has curved all my aches and pains!

Julie 44, Tyrone GA

I had never been to a chiropractor before and I was very apprehensive about having someone "crack" my back. I was rear-ended in an automobile accident and I had suffered back and neck pain since then. I was also experiencing headaches ever since the accident. After a few weeks of treatment with Dr. Rechtman, my back and neck pain is gone, including my headache. I am now enjoying life without worrying about back or neck pain or headaches. I highly recommend Dr. Rechtman to everyone. You have helped me so much Dr. Rechtman! Also, thank you for working with my crazy, hectic schedule :o)

Thank you!

Maria Mijos

About a month after my car accident, I lost most of the strength in my left arm. An MRI showed that my cervical discs were about half the height and twice the width as normal discs. They were pressing against the motor nerves on my left side. This could have been a career-ending injury for me but after several months of chiropractic adjustments, the space between my vertebrae opened up and my strength came back.

Marshall 39, MariettaGA

I have been under chiropractic care for about 12 years. It had been nearly a year between visits when I started seeing Dr. Rechtman. He helps with the misalignments in my neck and back. I have particular trouble in my neck and it causes headaches. I have not had a severe headache in months now. We began with sessions 3 times a week for several weeks, and then moved to twice a week. I have not had persistent back pain in several weeks. Both the electrical stimulation and hands-on manipulation have really helped. I really like the balanced, consistent approach that Dr. Rechtman has taken for my spinal care. I also like the flexible appointments and understanding when I miss one. I am looking forward to working with Dr. Rechtman for on-going maintenance of my spinal alignment.

Missy 36, AtlantaGA

I have had debilitating back pain for years. I thought I would have to live with it for the rest of my life. I had to limit some of the activities that I enjoyed, because the pain was so bad. After receiving treatment Dr. Rechtman, I not only got relief but I was able to resume climbing and backpacking. All this with NO surgery, NO drugs-what a lifesaver!

Pat 49, ChambleeGA

I came to Dr. Rechtman with severe lightness in my back, he explained in detail what my problem was and what needed to be done. A course of action was implemented and it has made all the difference in the world. I am standing straighter and I am more limber. Adam is a wonderful healer, he always takes his time with you and is willing to go the extra mile for his patients.

Roger 54, AtlantaGA

Beginning in 2002, I had back problems due to improper sleeping and standing on my feet all day in my line of work. After a series of adjustments, heat therapy, and massage, I am able to do weight training, power lifting, running and biking. Now I can excel in some of the fun sports I was not able to do. Your body is like a recipe: once you get all the ingredients, proper cookware, and the right temperature any meal can be presented in ways to show confidence. Thank you Dr. Rechtman, it has been a wonderful experience.

Sanchez 33, AtlantaGA

I moved to Atlanta over a year ago and had been trying to find a chiropractor since I arrived. I joined Adrenaline and came to see Dr. Rechtman as part of a free consultation. I explained I had been in a car accident almost a year ago that hurt my back, and even before that I had suffered from subluxation as a result of several factors, including my work environment - sitting at a computer all day. In addition, I had started feeling worse after I began lifting weights. After several adjustments, my back really started to feel better. The treatments after a while completely got rid of my mid and low back pain and allowed me to have my workouts without discomfort. I have been seeing Dr. Rechtman now for almost half a year and my back has never felt better I am thankful for his help in keeping me pain free, and in great shape.

Steve, Atlanta GA

I had a Car accident in 2006. I had pain in my knee, low back, and neck. Plus, I was stiff everywhere! I went to the emergency room, but all they did was give me pain medication. When I asked about the pain medication and the pain shot they said that when the pain comes back, I should take more. I wanted the problem solved and I didn't think that pain medication was the answer. I started getting treatment with Dr. Rechtman and he explained why I was having pain, and what we could do to get my body back to the way it was before the accident. maybe even better! After a few visits my pain was so much better. After 3 months, my pain is no longer there, and my life can go on as planned before the accident. Thanks Dr. Rechtman!

Taun, 33 Lawrenceville, GA

I was a referral to the World Wide Wellness chiropractic doctor, from the free exam that came with my membership to the Adrenaline Gym.

When I started going to the chiropractor, I had a lot of low back pain. My pain made it hard to sit in my car for a long amount of time. The pain would make my leg go numb. It also made it hard to sleep at night. I would be up most of the night. I took a lot of aspirin, and this would help a little with the pain, but not enough. My medical doctor had given me pain medication, but I didn't like to take it. It would just make me sick to my stomach. With consideration to the side effects, I had just decided it was better to deal with the pain.

When I started receiving treatment from Dr. Rechtman, I didn't think it was going to help much. But I also figured it wouldn't hurt to try. After the first few visits I thought it might have been a mistake because it hurt afterward. Then after about 2 weeks, I started to feel better and better- to the point I have NO pain in my low back now.

My back felt so much better that I asked Dr. Rechtman if there was anything he could do about the pain in my left shoulder. The shoulder caused me pain for a long time. He started working on my shoulder and told me he would have it fixed in no time. Just like my back, it hurt more at first. Since then, it has improved a great deal. It continues to improve the more he works on it. I had my doubts at first, but now I would recommend Dr. Rechtman to anyone who lives with pain.

Dr. Rechtman and his staff have made me feel more than welcome. I have a job and a family so it is hard to plan anything! They have made it possible for me to get an adjustment. The office has early morning and late evening hours! They are more than just my doctor and his staff. I consider them to be friends. I will miss them all a great deal when I am well enough that I won't have to see them anymore.

Dan, 48 Buford, GA

I had neck and low back pain for years before I decided to get help. I always thought it would go away, and it didn't....but it always came back! After the third visit, I started seeing improvement in my movement and had less pain. By the end of my treatment plan, I was doing so well I decided to come in for regular adjustments just to stay out of pain and correct my spine. It has been a while now, but just like an oil change to keep your car running smooth, I get an adjustment to keep my body running smooth!